How Mat grew his business

Mat has a medical instrument brand selling on eBay
Testimonial from a Revioly brand customer
What do you sell Mat?
I have a brand for medical instruments, and we have medical basics products essentially for the home use. I have 27 different SKUS.
Where do you sell your products?
eBay is my bread and butter. I have a less prominent presence on Amazon, as well.
What were your concerns selling on eBay and Amazon?
Well, I have been in business for over 8 years now. I could overcome all the problems in business but the review issues. It still hurts when I remember my superb automatic home bloodpressure monitor device. Some immoral competitors left 7 one-star reviews on Amazon early on and my product died right away on Amazon. My traffic page dropped to close to zero. That was one of the reasons I faded my presence on Amazon. Competition was not fair.
Didn’t you ever use the fake review providers?
As I mentioned, I’ve always had problem with the reviews, especially after launching a new product. I’m not a fan of 5-star review providers, either on Facebook or any other website.
Why? Some sellers love them.
I manufacture medical instruments which are supposed to help save lives, not endanger lives. I want to constantly receive feedbacks from my customers, so that I can hand them better and higher-quality products. And when I found Revioly, I was right away in love with.
What made you use Revioly for so many products together?
My products are relatively high-priced. Mostly over $150 per item. I wanted 20 reviews for my products. Given 7 new SKUs, 20 reviews each; it was a lot of money! But then the Partial Payment helped me join Revioly. Because I only paid for a fraction of my high-priced products, rather than the whole retail price. And the best news was when reviewers buy my products from my eBay store, I recoup my primary out-of-pocket money. It was no brainer to jump on this opportunity.
I love Revioly not only because of this program, but mostly because of the mission. As a brand owner, I support you on making reviews reliable.