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Say goodbye to overpriced binding programs and product giveaways.
Welcome new customers to buy and review products on your website of choice.

How it works

Jessica selects your "blender" on Revioly and clicks on the link provided and buys it at a full price ($XY) from you on "Wayfair".

Then your account gets charged for a percentage of $XY most of which will be used as rebate to Jessica after she leaves her descriptive review.

Process repeats
This process will be repeated every time you sell through Revioly based on the number of reviews you have asked for.

Dynamic pricing

Revioler online shopping
First, reviewer pays you:
${{price_step1 | number : 2}}+tax
Black arrow
Your product page
Product page
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Type your product's MSRP

Revioly - Online Home Store
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Then, you pay Revioly:
${{price_step2 | number : 2}} + a flat fee*
* $7/review; if > 100 listings
* $8/review; if 26-100 listings
* $10/review; if 6-25 listings
* $12/review; if < 6 listings

Pricing table

Active listings*
Active listings*
Active listings*
Active listings*
MSRP % + $12
per review
MSRP % + $10
per review
MSRP % + $8
per review
MSRP % + $7
per review
* "Active listings" represents the cumulative number of available listings from a specific brand on Revioly marketplace.
** At Revioly, our pricing structure is a base MSRP rate of 35-59% plus $7-12 per review. You will only pay after a Revioly user buys your product through Revioly marketplace.
The following features are available for all packages:

Brand awareness
Traffic to your product’s page
New customers
Descriptive reviews on any website

100% review flow rate
Thunder listing
Flexible review cap
Easy-to-pause campaigns

Free-to-cancel campaigns
No product shipping or handling
No contract or commitment
Email / Zoom customer support

Base MSRP % guide

Hover over the plot!
*MSRP is referred to the total checkout amount paid by the consumer to buy 1 unit of your product.