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Say goodbye to overpriced binding programs and product giveaways.
Welcome new customers to buy and review products on your website of choice.

Get reviews in as easy as 1-2-3

List products and get reviews on Revioly
1. List products on Revioly. It's FREE!
Let us know where you need the reviews on (your product’s page URL) and we will list them on Revioly marketplace for you.
Pay after you sell
2. Autopay for a MSRP %, after you sell.
When a Revioly user buys it, we charge your account for a percentage of their payment, based on its price range.
Get new customers and product reviews
3. Celebrate new customers & reviews.
Few weeks later, your new customer writes an authentic high-quality review on your product’s page, in exchange for receiving a rebate from us. Voila!

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Pay As You Sell (PAYS)

PAYS is our proprietary method on providing product reviews without charging you upfront. With PAYS you will only pay after a Revioly user (aka Revioler) buys your product from its page. We guarantee 1 review per purchase. Learn more.
Revioly - Online Home Store
We have your back!

Guarantee your product’s success by harnessing the power of early trusted descriptive reviews left by your customers on any website or marketplace, while being in full alignment with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) policies.

Why get reviews using Revioly?

Your product as the subject of the photos / video made by your customers.
Only pay for the results.
No contract!
No commitment!
No product giveaway!
No shipping or handling!
Get your products purchased and reviewed on any website or retailer where you sell on.
Find your new product’s unit economics not in months, but in weeks. Prevent 380% extra loss on the customer acquisition cost.
Online shoppers trust Revioly. Revioly’s verified-purchase reviews are authentic and descriptive.
Make new loyal customers out of Revioly’s marketplace.
Showcase your products to the fastest-growing community of online shoppers nationwide.
As we protect our physical environment, we should also protect our virtual environment from mistrust. This is where Revioly comes in to purify online platforms from the fake reviews.
Revioly is the biggest proponent of anti-fake-review policies of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). We provide a preventive approach rather than a corrective one.
Home, home improvements, kitchen, bed&bath, and garden are the subcategories where most of our reviewers are the target customers for.

Revioly is an open to public marketplace

Revioly is open to the public
Online shoppers of various demographics get exposed to all listed products and are free to buy the items they need.

Get product reviews when they matter the most

Reviews when matter the most
You just launched your product? Not a problem! Our users buy and review your product at any stage of its life cycle.

Home, kitchen, and garden products

“Home, Kitchen, and Garden”
Any item you can see in a normal home, can be listed on Revioly: appliances, TV & furniture, bed & bath goods, outdoor items, etc.

Here's why Revioly is 10X better

Revioly - Online Home Store Revioly - Online Home Store
Product giveaway programs;
UGC visuals
High-quality descriptive reviews X
Acquiring real customers X
Brand awareness X
Driving traffic to the product page X
No contract / requirement X
Pricing 35-59% of MSRP + $7-12 / review 1 product giveaway + $20-40 / review
Upfront charge No Yes
Onboarding process
Review flow rate
(Very fast)
Review acquisition rate 100%
(1 review / product)
(10% product waste)
Reviews on All websites / marketplaces (but Amazon) Limited websites / marketplaces
Shipping / handling by Website / Marketplace Brand

Dynamic pricing

Revioler online shopping
First, reviewer pays you:
${{price_step1 | number : 2}}+tax
Black arrow
Your product page
Product page
Orange arrow
Type your product's MSRP

Revioly - Online Home Store
Black arrow
Then, you pay Revioly:
${{price_step2 | number : 2}} + a flat fee*
* $7/review; if > 100 listings
* $8/review; if 26-100 listings
* $10/review; if 6-25 listings
* $12/review; if < 6 listings

Pricing table

Active listings*
Active listings*
Active listings*
Active listings*
MSRP % + $12
per review
MSRP % + $10
per review
MSRP % + $8
per review
MSRP % + $7
per review
* "Active listings" represents the cumulative number of available listings from a specific brand on Revioly marketplace.
** At Revioly, our pricing structure is a base MSRP rate of 35-59% plus $7-12 per review. You will only pay after a Revioly user buys your product through Revioly marketplace.
The following features are available for all packages:

Brand awareness
Traffic to your product’s page
New customers
Descriptive reviews on any website

100% review flow rate
Thunder listing
Flexible review cap
Easy-to-pause campaigns

Free-to-cancel campaigns
No product shipping or handling
No contract or commitment
Email / Zoom customer support

Base MSRP % guide

Hover over the plot!
*MSRP is referred to the total checkout amount paid by the consumer to buy 1 unit of your product.


  • Where are the reviews posted at?
    • Reviewers, aka Reviolers, will purchase your product from you on any website / retailer that you wish to see the reviews on.
  • What products can be reviewed by Revioly?
    • Any product that can be found in a house; whether they are electronics (e.g., TV, kitchen appliances, home theater, blow dryer, smart home, etc.) or non-electronics (e.g., grill, silverware, furniture, home gym, bed, home tools, etc.)
  • How long does it take to deliver a campaign?
    • You will start seeing reviews on your product page about 30 days after your campaign kicks off. While many campaigns complete within 30-60 days, some might take longer depending on the following criteria:
      1. The product’s popularity.
      2. Specifications of the product’s target market: think about the difference between towel and smart home products.
      3. The product’s usability duration: Experiencing some products might take longer for consumers; i.e., it takes more time to utilize and review an electric appliance rather than a spatula.
  • Does Revioly work with Amazon?
    • At this point, Revioly does not accept products that are sold on Amazon marketplace. Amazon sellers are welcome to Revioly if they are selling their products on any platform or website besides Amazon.
  • Is Revioly aligned with the FTC policies?
    • Yes. Not only is Revioly in full alignment with all review policies, but also, in the combat against fake reviews and fake-review providers, Revioly is on the frontline, as we have a preventive approach, while FTC has a corrective approach. We are complementary to them.
  • Will the reviews always remain in Revioly’s review bank?
    • Yes.
  • What is performance-based pricing?
    • At Revioly, our pricing structure is a base MSRP rate of 35-59% plus $7-12 per review. You will only pay after a Revioly user buys your product through Revioly marketplace.
  • What is the definition of a listing?
    • Each listing on the Revioly marketplace is associated with a unique product page. Therefore, if you need reviews for the same product in 2 different websites, you will have 2 different listings. Deposit will be calculated based on the price of your product on that specific product page.
  • What is a campaign?
    • Each product that you list on Revioly is an independent campaign. A campaign begins when we start exposing your product to its target customers. Each campaign can be from 15 to 200 reviews.
  • Can I cancel my campaign at any time?
    • Yes, you are in full control! You may pause, increase the review cap, decrease the review cap, cancel, or reactivate each of your campaigns at any time. In case of cancellation, you will be refunded with your deposit within 2 months after your campaign is closed.
  • What is the deposit? And why do you pay for that?
    • When you list a product on Revioly, regardless of the review cap for your product, there is a refundable deposit equal to your product’s MSRP. Because reviewers make the purchase first, you pay for a deposit. If by any chance your payment option did not go through, we will send the reviewer the rebate from the deposit amount.
      Note. Deposit is charged based on each listing.
  • Are the deposits refundable?
    • The deposit amount is shown in balance section on top of your dashboard. After your product campaign is delivered or in case you decide to cancel a campaign, we will fully refund the balance amount to your bank account within 60 days from the time of the request.
Still got more questions? No problem!