Arm-in-arm to combat fake reviews!

Revioly - Arm-in-arm against fake reviews

With 39% to 61% of online reviews being fake and unreliable, fake online reviews are a much bigger problem than people realize. It is not only hurting consumers by deceiving them to buy low quality products, but also have a major impact on brands and e-commerce platforms alike. On the customer side, they are wasting money, time and energy, and have a worse consumer experience overall, which causes them to become skeptical of buying products online. On the brand side, fake reviews make a brand lose credibility, increase its product return rate and get it in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. In the meantime, e-commerce platforms also get affected by losing consumers’ trust and having to invest massive resources to combat this issue. For these reasons and more, trust is being lost in e-commerce from all sides. E-commerce is growing, and yet the world is not ready to combat fake reviews that are growing exponentially with it!

Our physical life, planet Earth, has always been a big concern for NGOs and non-profit organizations to be protected against global warming, pollution... you name it!

However, we hardly ever hear anyone talking about the other dimension of our lives: our virtual life and online environment which is growing as fast if not faster than our physical life.

Over 20% of the total global shopping is happening online and it’s quickly growing, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the biggest concerns in our online environment is the "Trust Factor". Reviews used to be known as the digital twin of word-of-mouth that shoppers relied on to make their shopping decisions. Unfortunately, online reviews got brutally abused by profiteers who care about nothing other than their pockets. That’s why Revioly was born: to bring the lost trust back to our online shopping whereby everyone can read a Revioly review about a product and stay assured that it is written by an actual customer and under no pressure for any special rating.

Revioly is all about honest and modest reviewers who love to share their experience about a product or service with fellow online shoppers who rely on their words. We call our family of reviewers Reviolers… And YOU can be one of them. Revioly is all about you, about how you can beautifully draw a page of internet history by insufflating the sole of integrity and authenticity to the virtual dimension of our lives.

We are all Reviolers. For us, being a Revioler is not only about the enormous cashbacks and discounts. For us, it is a philosophy! It is like a religion with the purpose of splashing honesty into our world and fighting against mistrust and fake reviews. It’s about adding value.