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About Revioly!

Revioly launched a high velocity pursuit for the truth in the online reviews game. The mission: expose the massive deception that exists in reviews and make online reviews reliable. Our market leading innovation links honest reviewers with brands in a way that rewards both financially.

Brands of all shapes and sizes shoot for the stars, 5-star online ratings, that is. And powerhouse brands pay big bucks to accumulate those stars; the greater the number of stars, the greater the sales revenue.

It’s a high stakes game. U.S. marketers set aside $3.7 billion in 2021 to pay influencers to drive up sales of their brand. While a celebrity’s endorsement may persuade some to become a buyer of whatever it is they are selling, consumers still prefer recommendations from someone they know. Getting an unbiased review from a trusted source is golden. It helps consumers in their decision-making process so they can confidently open their digital wallet.

When these wheels of deception churn, the average consumer doesn’t know who to trust. Many of the brand titans pay handsomely for reviewers to lavish praise on their products but leave false, devastating reviews on their competitors’ products. Meanwhile, smaller brands are kicked to the curb as they wait and hope for reviews from real buyers who leave honest comments – whether they are good or not so good.

Enter Revioly: The Game Changer

Revioly chips away at the layers of fraud by providing shoppers with genuine reviews. Based in Silicon Valley, Revioly leverages innovative AI-empowered proprietary technology called Smart Authentic Technology (SAT) and CRAFT (Consumer Review Analyzing Framework Technology) to match brands with their target audience. This ensures that the reviews submitted are genuine, productive, and informative.

We empower brands by providing them with authentic reviews for their products via their actual target market. Our revolutionary business is growing exponentially. Hundreds of thousands of trusted reviewers across the nation are part of the Revioly family and more are joining daily. These individuals, whom we call Reviolers, test their newly purchased product and provide an honest review.

Revioly takes it from there; we ensure that only authentic unbiased descriptive feedback is submitted and approved. This objective feedback helps brands improve their products based on the experience of their target audience. Research shows that honest reviews increase brands’ sales an average 280%. Another invaluable benefit is that the bonds of trust and loyalty are strengthened between brands and consumers.

Our goal is to act with highest integrity to stop the dishonesty, protect small businesses and open pathways for consumers to have a seamless purchasing journey. In a nutshell, we make online reviews reliable (MORR), because customers deserve MORR. Our vision is to grow Revioly to become the de facto certifier of product performance.

While Revioly is passionate about honest reviews, we are equally committed to making our planet more environmentally friendly; we aspire to be a leader in purifying our online environment. Just as our planet needs to be a safer place, so does ecommerce!

Revioly Co-founders: Reza Lavasani, Farbod Rohani, Humberto De las Casas.
“With our help, high-quality products will thrive faster, while medium and low-quality products will have the chance to improve, before spending lots of money on mass production.”
Reza Lavasani, CEO